Technical Expertise

Christeyns Food Hygiene Technical Expertise

Each and every member of the Christeyns Food Hygiene team is driven by the desire to deliver innovative, environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions to our customers. Nowhere is this commitment more evident than in our Technical Department.

Directed by Peter Littleton, who has unrivalled experience throughout the food and beverage industries, our highly trained Technical Department provide the scientific solutions to hygiene challenges. These solutions involve so much more than just chemicals and include industry specific training courses which are all delivered through our own Training Academy.

Our Technical Department comprises of our Warrington based technical centre, headed by Senior Chemist and Regulatory Affairs Manager Mike Taylor, as well as field based personnel who are experts in hygiene management solutions, CIP, auditing and the prevention of food contamination.

"Through working with customers, industry stake-holders, specialist consumer groups and international food research organisations and colleges, we have built an enviable reputation for providing practical and pragmatic advice on delivering that basic cornerstone of food safety - ensuring food , dairy and beverage contact equipment is clean and hygienic. Our solutions ensure the cost effective delivery of standards beyond expectation can be achieved by our customers and their hygiene teams." Peter Littleton Technical Director

Our Technical Team conquers hygiene challenges with:

  • Quality control
  • Technical support
  • Foam cleaning, data logging, open plant cleaning and CIP
  • Descaling and beer stone removal
  • Membrane, reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration cleaning
  • Regulatory issues such as CLP, REACH, PPC, COSHH and COMAH
  • Internal management systems
  • Health & Safety
  • Species cross contact and control
  • Allergen control
  • Microbiological issues involving micro-organisms such as listeria, salmonella, E. coli and MRSA