SOFHT Allergen Conference

Peter Littleton, Klenzan’s Technical Director and acknowledged authority on the management of allergens in a food processing environment, recently addressed the society of Food Hygiene Technology’s conference (SOFHT) on food allergens held in Stratford upon Avon. The conference focussed on the legal framework, cleaning as a control intervention, risk assessment and the effect on consumers […]

Would you eat this?..

Did you know?.. The average person can shed up to 40-130 hairs from their scalp on a daily basis. Imagine this… If you have 100 staff working an 8 hour shift in your food factory that can equate to 1300-4300 hairs! Hair is currently the number one contaminant caused in food. Klenzan practice key measures […]

Get top marks for keeping your children safe!

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Klenzan “clean up” at The Global Cheese Awards 2015

For more than 10 years Klenzan have been a proud supporter and primary sponsor of the Global Cheese awards. Every year the show goes from strength to strength with increased entries and sponsorship. The support from the Industry was fantastic; even in a very difficult trading environment. Darren Ensor and Gareth McCabe provide vital support, […]

Membership of the Brewery History Society

Klenzan Ltd is proud to announce that we have been elected as a Corporate Member of the Brewery History Society continuing our support of the brewing industry in the United Kingdom. Click here to view the certificate.

Southern Golf Day

Once again, The Bristol Golf Club played host to the Southern Golf Day attended by happy Klenzan customers. The sun shone, the greens were fair and a good time was had by all.

International Cheese Awards

Another amazing International Cheese Awards at the Nantwich Show. The world’s biggest cheese show has got underway – with a record number of 4,500 dairy products from  across the globe rolled into Nantwich in Cheshire UK. This is also an important networking event for Klenzan and cheese companies to launch new products and aim to catch the eye of the major retailers […]

Northern Golf Day – 9th June 2015

The Klenzan Northern Golf Day 2015 held at the Houghwood Golf Club on Tuesday 9th June 2015. Although the Sun didn’t quite make it through the clouds, it didn’t stop our golfers from having fun and big smiles on their faces throughout the day.