Team up for safety – Food Safety is a shared responsibility

At Christeyns Food Hygiene we are committed to supporting World Food Safety Day which will be celebrated this year on June 7th.  Over the next couple weeks as we lead up to this day, we will be sharing a series of articles to illustrate the part we play as an organisation; who we are, what […]

Team up for safety – Food Safety is a shared responsibility

Everyone has the right to safe, nutritious and sufficient food. There are over 130,000 food businesses in the UK and Ireland, making it one of the largest employers. Each of these have a legal responsibility to ensure food they provide is as safe as possible. Everybody has a role to play from farm to table […]

Peracetic acid and coronavirus

The current coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has been caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This is an encapsulated coronavirus, formed by a single strand of RNA, which is principally transmitted through the air by infected persons and via contact with surfaces. For this reason, surface disinfection is, along with personal hygiene and protective measures (masks, safety distances, […]

*NEW* Virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant, safe for all touch point surfaces.

BACTICLENSE is a proven virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal disinfectant which is safe for use on all touch surfaces. Use daily to maintain clean and hygienic conditions. It is ideal for disinfecting all water resistant surfaces, such as: glass, aluminium, stainless steel, rubber, ceramic, plastic and tiled surfaces. BACTICLENSE can be used for many applications including: General […]

Hard surface disinfection and hand sanitation crucial in public areas as we look to a future out of lockdown

Warrington based Christeyns Food Hygiene, who manufacture specialist hygiene solutions, stresses the importance of hard surface hygiene in reducing the risks of future Coronavirus contamination in public spaces.   “In the coming months, as the nation goes back to work and a return towards life as normal, there will be a long battle to face […]

Hygiene specialist re-opens production unit in double-quick time

Warrington based Christeyns Food Hygiene, who manufacture and install hygiene solutions for the food, dairy and beverage industries, has re-opened its ethanol-based hand hygiene production facility. Christeyns Food Hygiene has taken its specialist flammables unit out of mothballs and prepared it for operation in just three days.  Unit 2 at the company’s base in Winwick […]

Hard Surface disinfection even more crucial for food industry in light of Coronavirus

As Covid-19 (novel Coronavirus) cases in the UK are increasing and further research into the virus is conducted, evidence is emerging that infectivity on hard surfaces can remain for up to several days in the right conditions. “In order to assist our customers, predominantly food and beverage manufacturers, in procedures regarding hard-surface cleaning and disinfection, […]

E-learning package goes from strength to strength

Our E-learning programme was recently featured in the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology. See the article here, or read it below:   Warrington based Christeyns Food Hygiene celebrates the launch of its industry specific e-learning programme one year on. The Moviemento e-learning package, launched in January 2019 to support businesses in the food and […]

Christeyns Food Hygiene to deliver the full BRC Global Standards accredited training package.

Following the launch of our new partnership with Control Union, we will be kicking off 2020 with the first of our BRC accredited courses – Root Cause Analysis on 13th February at our Warrington training centre. To reserve your place click here (link to enquiry page), call 01925 234696 or email [email protected] The Root Cause […]