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Christeyns Food Hygiene launches the UK’s first fully adaptable Learning Management System (LMS) and e-learning package which has been designed and built specifically for the food and beverage industry.

The most fundamental part of your industry training is food safety & hygiene, yet how this is managed and delivered can vary greatly from one company to the next, depending on what you actually produce or process.

With Moviemento you can immediately provide all your employees, including temporary workers, with an easy to use, affordable training programme that is relevant to both your particular sector and the workers’ day to day duties.

Developed in collaboration with food and beverage safety experts and online training specialists, the content covers all aspects of food safety and hygiene recommendations and legislation and is ready to roll out.

Key Features:

  • Interactive and animated e-learning modules
  • Customisable - tailor and personalise content
  • Automated management of training documents –powerful LMS functionality
  • Ability to share additional company information
  • Specific to your business and your workforce
  • Continually updated and in line with current UK government policies
  • Personalised platform – your branding, your colours, your company ethos

Key Benefits:

  • Content is relevant and targeted
  • Knowledge sharing is simplified
  • Accessible, real-time reports for audit purposes
  • Cost effective
  • No travel off site
  • Reduces administration time
  • Available 24/7

The Moviemento platform contains 6 highly interactive and engaging courses, divided into 42 modules that cover the key safety topics. Knowledge testing is integrated into each module.

6 modules are:

  • Origin & importance of food safety
  • The Law
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Critical Control Points (CCPs)
  • Allergens
  • Food Defence

However, the unique and appealing highlight of the package is that you can remove any module which may not be applicable to your business therefore ensuring workers do not waste time learning irrelevant and unnecessary information which may cause confusion or make them switch off.

Additionally, you can insert your own learning content which is pertinent and significant and ensures every training topic is covered. This can be in the format of documents, photographs, presentations, videos and animations.

More than E-learning

Moviemento can host your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), work instruction documents, policies, procedures, site rules, etc., which can be allocated to applicable users and held on their individual learner profiles for continual access. Version control is supported via the LMS and learners/managers can be alerted when new content is added, or existing content has been changed.

If you would like to know more about how the Moviemento package could benefit your business please complete the form below. Our e-learning expert will be in touch to arrange a free consultation.

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