Food Processing

The food processing sector requires specialist knowledge in detergents to remove soil and debris as well as potential contaminants such as allergenic proteins. Christeyns Food Hygiene's experience extending over a quarter of a century in this sector has enabled us to build up an enviable reputation in providing the cost effective solutions to hygiene challenges.

But it’s not just about cleaning, our knowledge and involvement in the rapidly changing disinfectant arena has placed us at the fore-front of developing non-QAC terminal rinse products that meet the exacting standards and increasing development of microbiological assessment criteria. Products such as HuwaSan, Mida Chriox F2 and Bioklenz all enable us to provide internationally accredited disinfectant products that meet the exacting standards set by UK food retailers as non-rinse disinfectants (including taint testing)

Christeyns Food Hygiene solutions embrace every aspect of your operation including:

  • Cleaning in place 
  • Plant cleaning management systems
  • Open plant cleaning 
  • Foam cleaning 
  • Terminal Disinfectant 
  • Bottle washing and membrane cleaning 
  • 'High risk' food environments 
  • UK food retailer approved terminal disinfectants and services



Our premium, non-QAC containing UK food retailer approved terminal rinse disinfectant with superior microbiological abilities.