Klenzan Launch Rapid Allergen and Species Test

Klenzan, one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of hygiene solutions, in conjunction with Biocheck is excited to launch a range of cleaning verification test kits designed to meet the stringent requirements of the food processing industry.

The first is for raw meat (cow, horse, pig, sheep and poultry) designed to meet the Food Standards Agency recommended level of 1% in product samples in as little as 12 minutes thereby enabling real-time assessment of “first off the line” production following species changeovers or cleaning activities. Based on unique FlowThroughTM technology this qualitative assessment ensures that the immunoassay antibody detection well cannot be overloaded thereby ensuring an accurate, reproducible result.

The only equipment required is a weighing balance and a stomacher unit to homogenise the sample – all additional components are contained within the 5 test pack.

The second is a range of rapid allergen tests which includes Gluten (both surface swabs and product analysis) and milk (casein) surface swabs – additional allergens will be added to this range in the coming months and will feature an innovative swabbing regime to ensure ease of use, accuracy and reproducibility.

The price per test varies from £8 – £12 per sample (dependant on the number of packs purchased – the volume discounts can be achieved by mixing and matching the allergen or species test kits)

With the continued focus on allergen and species control from both retailers and 3rd party standards (for example the BRC Global Standard: – Issue 7) these tests represent a cost effective and critical part of any cleaning verification involving allergen or species change-over cleaning regimes.

For more information, please contact your Klenzan Technical Sales Manager or download the relevant information sheets.