Freshcheck – “A very powerful addition to the arsenal of a Hygiene Manager”




“A very powerful addition to the

arsenal of a Hygiene Manager.”





What is FreshCheck?

FreshCheck is a new and unique hygiene verification test only available from Christ

eyns Food Hygiene which will reveal the presence of viable bacterial populations and organic soiling on food contact and preparation surfaces in a matter of seconds without the need for expensive technology.  The easy to rea

d and interpret colour change removes the risk to ensuring the safe production of food. 

FreshCheck has been tested by Campden BRI and has proven to be effective at revealing the presence of low levels of both pathogenic and spoilage bacteria including Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella typhimurium.


Use In The Real World.

Ichiban UK, a leading producer of Sushi to the UK retail market, is an early adopter of new technology which brings benefit to the quality and safety of their products – customer satisfaction is key to their continued growth and success.

Site Hygiene Manager, Jon Day, commented “FreshCheck is a novel, innovative and user-friendly way for hygiene professionals to instantly verify the effectiveness of the cleaning regime as well as being an ideal tool for training hygiene operatives in the areas they need to focus on”

Peter Littleton, Christeyns Food Hygiene’s Technical Director, takes up the story “we see this product as a step forwards and the first real innovation in hygiene verification since the advent of lateral flow tests for allergens.  The ability to instantly reveal the presence of bacterial populations that may be overlooked by ATP, due to the low energy levels in bacteria following cleaning, is a bonus to those concerned with protecting ready to eat food from pathogenic contamination”

Jon Day added “Hygiene Team Leaders and Supervisors have been excited about being able to immediately see the results of their work without having to wait for a week to see figures.  With FreshCheck they can see with their own eyes immediately that they have been successful in guaranteeing the safety and integrity of our facility of which we are all proud.  As a bonus, this is a very powerful investigative tool if issues do occur as a result of it’s low cost in use combined with the instant results – all in all a very powerful addition to the arsenal of a Hygiene Manager.”



With the ease of use, rapid qualitative identification of bacterial populations and a low cost per test FreshCheck is a quantum step forwards in the management and control of bacterial food safety.

FreshCheck is only available from Christeyns Food Hygiene and is a patented formulation, for more details contact our Technical Account Management or central technical team at our Warrington based Head-quarters ([email protected]).