Christeyns NV acquires a majority stake in Betelgeux SL

Betelgeux, Christeyns NV
The collaboration between both companies will be an important boost for Christeyns in the markets of food and cosmetics, while Betelgeux, SL will be able to double its production

The international group Christeyns , European benchmark for industrial laundry, has taken a majority stake in the Valencian company Betelgeux, SL , specializing in hygiene and disinfection products in the food , cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Christeyns, with 300 million euros in turnover , 850 employees and presence in 30 countries, maintains the road map prepared by the company in 2010 to extend its activities to the food hygiene market and represents a step forward in the expansion to the Latin American market.

During the last years Christeyns and Betelgeux have maintained a close collaboration in the hygiene market in the food sector and this operation is the result of a fruitful relationship of trust between both companies, which will facilitate the future development of the Christeyns group in the markets of food and cosmetics.

Created in 1986, Betelgeux SL has a staff of 50 employees and a production of more than 5 million kg of industrial detergents and disinfectants. As planned, at the beginning of the year work began on the expansion of the industrial facilities in Ador (Valencia), which will double the area occupied and the possibility of duplicating production . Once the works are completed, it is expected that the strategic management of Christeyns and Betelgeux will be centralized in the food hygiene sector for the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America from the new Ador facilities .