Christeyns Food Hygiene introduces new concept in e-learning

Christeyns Food Hygiene introduces new concept in e-learning

Specialist hygiene provider, Christeyns Food Hygiene, has launched a uniquely developed e-learning programme that is fully customisable and for use in the food and beverage manufacturing industries.

Moviemento is the UK’s first fully adaptable Learning Management System and e-learning package designed to meet the stringent hygiene requirements of food and beverage  environments.  It’s a platform that offers much more than just learning. Apart from simplifying the process of knowledge sharing, the platform provides management of all training programmes to ensure seamless, up to date, continuous learning across every department of an organisation.

Traditional e-learning has been a “set menu” of access to either a single course or a suite of training in a prescribed format where the learner progresses through to successful completion. Moviemento is different and is based on the concept that it not only offers the ability to tailor and personalise existing content, but also to add company specific training resources.  This could be site rules, practices, policies and procedures in the format of photographs, documents, graphics, animations or video clips, thus ensuring full engagement, relevance and understanding for users.

It’s not just the content though that can be customised to fit your company’s specific hygiene protocols. The platform is personalised to look and feel like your own company website, incorporating all the elements of the company brand and ethos so the user feels immediately comfortable.   Logos, images, company colours and branding guidelines can all be included along with a number of language options.  Every employee has their own log in to their selected, applicable training modules.

“We are very excited to be bringing this innovative and unique learning programme to the UK marketplace” says Elaine Hankinson, Business Development Manager at CFH.  “It has been hugely successful in Belgium where the Christeyns global headquarters are based.  Now, Moviemento is completely in line with the laws and regulations related to the UK food and beverage manufacturing industry.”

By law, all food and beverage handlers must have an understanding of basic hygiene principles and must know how to work safely to avoid contamination.  All too often we are made aware of the repercussions of poor hygiene, instances of health issues, or worse, for consumers, which lead to a loss of reputation and business that can take years to rebuild.

Providing sufficient timely, effective and up to date training can be expensive and may involve travel off site.  With a non-specific training programme, not all content will be relevant and there is a higher likelihood that the trainee will switch off.  Equally, it is not always possible to learn at one’s own pace.  Moviemento can avoid these issues and will automatically ensure the training records for your teams are kept up-to-date.  This reduces administration time and allows instant access to accurate training records.

The Moviemento platform contains six highly interactive and engaging chapters, divided into 42  modules that cover the key safety topics.  Each module is the result of a collaboration between government agencies, food and beverage safety experts and online training specialists with knowledge testing integrated into each module.  Where not applicable, modules can be de-activated or new, company specific, modules added.

In such a competitive industry, it is essential that companies can provide accurate and up to date audits and demonstrate competency of staff. This can mean the difference between winning and losing an important supply contract.  Moviemento can provide documents, infographics, reports and updates at the press of a button.

But the programme also goes beyond training.  It can be used to share other company information with employees, such as updates to company policies, health and safety, HR information, employee satisfaction surveys, companywide events and so on.  Traceability of the information flow is achieved in the same effective way as for the training content.

Moviemento offers a new solution for HR Mangers when it comes to training.  One that is easy to install and use, can accurately educate and manage food and beverage safety training and above all provide peace of mind.


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