Christeyns Food Hygiene Cleans Up at the SOFHT Awards.

The eco-friendly, pre-dosed range of concentrated surface cleaning products that form part of the Green’R range hit the spotlight last month when they received recognition at the SOFHT Awards in London.

Brought to our market place by Christeyns Food Hygiene, these innovative and easy to use single-dose, soluble sachets won the Society of Food Hygiene & Technology’s “Best Product” award at the 2017 SOFHT Awards held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in London.

This highly prestigious award is given to a product that displays innovation, efficacy and offers real benefit to its industry sector. Voting for the awards is undertaken by a group of food hygiene and industry specialists.

Routinely, during enforcement officer visits, the knowledge and practice of chemical storage and understanding of the correct dosing techniques of concentrated chemical into application equipment has proven to be inadequate. This has the potential to present a risk of chemical contamination to food or, in the case of biocidal products, not deliver the required microbiological reduction thereby posing a risk to the end customer from the survival and proliferation of food poisoning bacteria.

Attempts have been made by many manufacturers to implement concentrated dosing and dispense equipment using water feeds, plunger pumps or wall-mounted dilution stations but these all suffer from the same challenges. Namely that they have moving parts, require the user to utilise the equipment correctly to deliver the correct chemical concentration into the bucket, trigger spray or applicator bottle, require installation and maintenance and can prove expensive to purchase and replace.

This range of eco and SME friendly products has solved this challenge in a totally unique, yet simple way – single dose, concentrated soluble sachets of chemical which are simply dropped into the receptacle and water added. A gentle shake or agitation and it’s ready to go.

The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) is an independent consortium of food industry specialists set up to keep members advised of the current hygiene and technology issues through providing technical support, training and topical information as well as a vital forum for networking and sharing best practice across the entire food chain.

Christeyns Food Hygiene is one of the most trusted manufacturers of industrial hygiene solutions in the UK. Experts in detergent and disinfectant manufacture, the company uses its innovative chemistry and industry insight to manufacture, design, install and maintain cleaning solutions across the food, brewing and beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. It is a proud member of SOFHT.